About Me

Eboni is a graduate from Branford Hall Career Institute. While in school she fell in love with Eastern massage modalities because of its more holistic approach at balancing the body and all of its parts. Like Eastern medicine the goal is to find the root cause of an issue instead of just treating the symptoms. It goes beyond relaxation to relieve pain and restore the body’s natural homeostasis. 

Certified in level one Thai Massage she actively challenges herself to keep learning and sculpting her craft to provide a variety of techniques that are then tailored to meet each individuals needs.  She believes massage therapy is not as simple as getting or giving a relaxed rub down, because much thought, science, and tradition has gone into the techniques behind your massage. 

She understands that we live in a hectic world where most of our time is spent rushing and juggling a crazy schedule. Busy jobs, having family commitments, maintaining an active social life, trying to get or stay in shape, etc., can seem to take up all of ones time. 
She helps you to step back from this constant “on the move” lifestyle so you can form a deeper connection to a healthy mind and body. 

“You must always find time for Self Care”- Eboni D